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  • Initial periodontal treatment. Dental calculus, biofilm and bacteries are removed with the help of thin instruments from the surfaces of roots to the bottom of periodontal pockets without damaging the soft tissue. Root surfaces are cleaned and polished with a special suspension Vector Fluid Polish. A root will be cleaned, but not "erased".
  • Supportive periodontal therapy. Supportive procedures are the part of periodontal treatment. Simple and sparing manipulations: the tools from carbon fiber are used during repeated actions.
  • Sparing first-class cleaning and polishing teeth. A distinctive feature of Vector system is indirect binding of ultrasonic energy that give a possibility of gentle removal of bacterial biofilms and dental plaque. In this case there is no damage to the hard tissue and soft tissue are not injured. Due to a suspension, which contains microparticles, substantially increases the efficiency of cleaning of the root.
  • Microinvasive dissection. Dissection with the help of Vector system is carried out without exposure to high temperatures and is harmless to the pulp. This does not weaken the enamel prisms, which ensures high quality of fit subsequent restorations.
  • Gentle polishing of tooth surfaces and dental restorations.
  • Removal of microbial biofilms, destruction of bacteries.
  • A thorough and efficient irrigation of periodontal pockets.
  • Removal of subgingival stone.
  • Washout of endotoxins, preservation of the cement of the root.
  • If the patient has significant bone pockets, and some teeth can be losed, the following treatment will be provided:
    - complex surgery with the use of "membrane" technology and subsequent special prosthesis  
    - implantation of bone tissue
    - directional tissue regeneration
    - cosmetic reconstruction of the gums