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  • When the tooth is absent for a long time, having no native load, the bone shrinks and loose its quality. This can be a problem during setting of dental implants and many specialists in the field of implantology forced to deny in this way of prosthesis.
  • Osseointegration.
    Even with the loss of bone tissue due to the long-term absence of teeth, in our clinic you will not be denied in implantation. Our specialists successfully carrying out complicated operations using the technology of osseointegration - correction of the bone defects.
  • Harvest technology.
    It is used a platelet rich plasma with growth factors in order to improve wound healing for hard and soft tissues during the implantation. The usage of "Harvest" technology give a unique opportunity to fullfil emptiness with the full valued bone. This is a simple process, that has proven its effeciency, that allows to divide the minimal amount of blood into their fractions and to obtain platelet rich plasma. The usage of this system allow to restore the bone, to speed up healing process and maturation of hard and soft tissues after surgery. A blood will be taken from patient's vein, placed in special flask, that is installed in a Harvest centrifuge. Platelet rich plazma is obtained during a fully automated process, that takes 12 minutes.