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The vast majority of researchers has concluded that hydrogen peroxide is effective and safe agent for bleaching and does not cause side effects in the oral cavity. The development of this method followed the path of creating the most optimal concentration of the gel and reduce the time of wearing mouthguards.  Whitening gels have been developed on the base of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Using this method requires to construct an individual plastic gum shield, repeating the shape of the dentition.

In the mouthguard is laid whitening gel, which is packaged in a metered-dose syringes. A mouthguard with gel is put on a dentition. Exposure of the gel depends on its concentration: from 30 minutes to several hours. The standard scheme of whitening: 14 days for 6-8 - hours (usually overnight wearing of mouthguard). There are also options for accelerated bleaching (3-7 days). The method of home bleaching exist around for years and has been well-proven as a reliable and effective tool of teeth whitening.