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Implantation - an artificial tooth root replacement!

Advantages of implantation:

  • Ability to restore the lost tooth without grinding of neighboring teeth. Teeth that are situated nearby will stay alive.
  • Ability to set fixed prosthesis in the absence of several teeth - implant will serve as a support.
  • Implants provide an opportunity of prosthesis to fully edentulous jaw with more comfortable fixed structures.
  • Implants are permanently attached to the bone and provide stable support for artificial teeth. Dentures, bridges and individual crowns that are attached to implants are not loose and does not slip out of the mouth, which is especially important when eating, and during the conversation.
  • Tight attachment of implants to bone provides a more natural feel than in the presence of traditional bridges or removable dentures. A new artificial tooth feels, functions and looks like a natural healthy tooth.
  • The stability of dentures on implants is much higher than traditional dentures.
  • The implant is not only solves the problem of missing teeth, but also removes the extra load from the adjacent teeth, and, consequently, saves them.
  • It is known that prolonged absence of teeth leads to bone atrophy. Implants allow you to keep the jaw bone: proper load distribution during chewing makes it possible to maintain the level of bone.


Case examples


When the tooth is absent for a long time, having no native load, the bone shrinks and loose its quality. This can be a problem during setting of dental implants and many specialists in the field of implantology forced to deny in this way of prosthesis. In our clinic we use in such cases Harvest technology and osseointegration.